Divinity Productions are a team of 30 DJ’s, Audio and Video professionals. With offices in  Edmonton, and Vancouver they provide services to over 400 events in Vancouver and the surrounding greater Vancouver regional district, Edmonton and surrounding metropolitan areas, Calgary, and greater Toronto area . 



Divinity DJ’s provides top quality 
entertainment with elite level DJ’s.  Music production includes studio mixing and mastering, music video productions, marketing and related activities.


Provides audio and visual services for conferencing events and commercial installations.  This includes audio for live events, projection and live editing/streaming.  Installations include audio and projection systems.   

Red Premier

Red Premier Videography provides video recording and editing services.  This includes brand messaging, sales and marketing promotional videos, stakeholder communication, corporate event videos, training recruitment videos, commercial production, internet media, wedding cinematography, artist music videos, and more. 


Lead Leaders provides marketing services.  This includes content creation, graphic design, commercial audio and video production, digital marketing services search engine optimization, media buying, and website design.  Lead Leaders can help you accomplish your business goals whether its Brand Awareness or Lead Generation.     


Divinity’s list of clients include Armani Exchange, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Ms Vancouver Pageant, Google Canada, Microsoft, Samsung Canada, Rogers Mobile, Belair/Intact Insurance, Canadian Department of National Defense, T&T Supermarket, Rogers Sugar, Stars Air Ambulance, Tim Horton’s, Canadian Tire, Nike, Steve Nash Health club, Air Canada, Sharks Club, Grey Nuns Hospital, plus many more.


Divinity believes in community development.  Every year Divinity sponsor’s charity events to help raise money especially if it involves children and education.  Divinity host’s their own free local special events several times a year to support the arts.


2015  Weddingwire.com  Winner Best Wedding DJ
2016  Weddingwire.com  Winner Best Wedding DJ
2017  ThreeBestRated.ca  Winner Top 3 DJ Company
2018  ThreeBestRated.ca  Winner Top 3 DJ Company
2018  ThreeBestRated.ca  Winner Award of Business Excellence
2018  Edmonton Event Awards  Winner Outstanding New Product/Idea
2018  Telus StoryHive Award – Winner Music Category
2018  Edmonton Event Awards  Winner Outstanding New Product/Idea
2019  ThreeBestRated.ca  Winner Top 3 DJ Company
2020  ThreeBestRated.ca  Winner Top 3 DJ Company


Juno Awards
International Wedding Awards


We are very active on Instagram, which helps promote our partnered venues, we recently passed 7,000 followers on Instagram, plus we have 4,000 on Facebook, and 2,000 on Twitter.


Harbour Cruises (Vancouver)
Penthouse Event Suite (Vancouver)
Mirage Banquet Hall (Edmonton)
Grand Imperial Conference and Banquet Facility (Edmonton)




Sam Maisuria is Divinity Productions founder and CEO.  He has over 30 years of expertise in many fields of production.  He is a DJ, Music Producer, Lighting Technician, Sound Tech, Video Producer, Installations expert, Digital Marketer,  and Management consultant.  He manages Divinity’s Alberta regional operations and the overall aspects of the business.  He is also a real estate developer, landlord and proud father of two little girls.  

He started his company on a “people first” policy.  He believes that Divinity is built one family, one event at a time. 

"I am very privileged to be able to work with a very talented team. I am humbled and appreciate the dedication each one makes to so many of our clients every week. I consider them my family."

-Sam Maisuria


Hussein Alidina is Divinity Productions regional manager for British Colombia.  He is a Juno-nominated artist, DJ and producer.  He first made a name for himself in the world music scene fusing hype beats with Indian samples.  His talent and style has garnered him respect in the industry, with his single “For You” winning an international Hip-Hop/R&B songwriting award.  

He achieved a Juno nomination for an album he co-produced for Canadian R&B singer Inez, which also won several Western Canadian Music Awards.  

As a DJ, he provides music at private events for celebrity clients from across Canada and internationally.


Raagini Appadurai is Divinity’s regional manager for Ontario.  Raagini is a multi-faceted artist and creative based in the greater Toronto area. 

While thriving as a solo singer-songwriting and rocking the booth as DJ Raaga, Raagini is also an educator, consultant and activist in the field of social justice, diversity and equity across Toronto’s vibrant communities.

She is passionate about bridging these worlds of creating, to inspire collaborative community and social change.



Aman (ASB) is Divinity’s South Asian Events Manager.  He has become his own recognized brand as one of the top South Asian DJ’s in Western Canada. Demand for his services result in clients often booking years in advance.  

ASB is also sought after by fortune 500 corporate clients who appreciate his friendly demeanor and warm interaction with potential customers.  

His client list includes international clients like Microsoft, Samsung and the Ride for Cancer plus many local South Asian businesses


The following true story told by Sam Maisuria explains the inspiration that started the company.


It was the summer of 2011; I had recently sold a business and was contemplating my next venture.  I received a phone call from a local videographer friend of mine who needed help desperately.  He was recording a wedding that day at the Fairmont Hotel and needed a second videographer because one of his cameramen became ill.  I owed him a couple of favours so I felt this may be a great way to repay him.  I raced over to the hotel.


Immediately as I started filming, I noticed that the room was full of guests but everyone was completely silent.  It was strange considering it was a happy occasion but it didn’t feel that way.  In fact, it was so silent that you could here the ventilation system.   I asked my friend about it and he told me the backstory of the couple who were getting married.


The couple had been together for 15 years.  They met originally because their fathers were business partners.  Business was good at first but then a few years later things went bad.  The business partners had taken each other to court to settle matters.  During this time, the couple had secretly stayed together.  However, once they grew up, they needed to make a decision if to stay together or to go in different directions, considering the family circumstances.  They courageously decided to get married.  Now for the first time you have two families that dislike each other in one room.  It was a tense situation.


After the customary first dance had finished the bride and groom started the dance music.   Nobody was getting up to join.  As I looked through the camera lens, I noticed the bride’s eyes were getting red and she was tearing up, but she held a smile on her face.  It was a desperate situation. 


Since I had a lot of experience with music, I walked up to the DJ that was playing and asked him what his plan was to get people up.  He had already given up.  He said he thought the night was over.  I asked him to give me the microphone.  I used the mic to challenge the groomsmen to get on the dance floor.  I noticed how overconfident they were and used that against them.  Then I challenged the bridesmaids to do better then the groomsmen.  Then I pick specific family members to join the dance floor.  A few minutes later the dance floor was packed and the fun began. 


Two days later the bride from that event telephoned me and in tears of joy thanked me for what I did.  It was a turning point for both families as they decided to settle their differences and come together.  This was the day I realized how important of a role we play as DJ’s.  How we can bring people together.  It was the day I decided to create Divinity.

Divinity applies psychological techniques to each event. These techniques create energy, crowd control and entertainment.


Most events have 6 different periods of where attendees expectations change.  Divinity has the knowledge to move guests from one emotional state to another ultimately achieving the goal of bringing out the love and creating an unforgettable experience.


Here's an example. Imagine yourself walking through a beautiful garden. Everything is lush, green and beautiful. You can smell the fragrance of the flowers. It is a beautiful experience. Now imagine yourself walking through the same garden the next day. Except this time someone has a gun to your head. All of a sudden you are not enjoying your experience anymore. Why is that? The garden hasn't changed. It is because your FOCUS is not on the garden anymore, its on the gun pointed to your head.


When guests come to an event it is no different. Everyone will carry the weight of there responsibilities, deadlines, and more on there minds. Divinity has the knowledge to get people into a state of mind where they feel comfortable enough to want to let go for one night.  Then bring various levels of entertainment. 


Divinity fuses science and art together to create beautiful emotional experiences.

Applying a psychological approach to managing events requires a lot of human understanding and observational skills.

The idea started when Sam Maisuria noticed that guests want to hear certain songs at certain points of the night.  Furthermore he observed guests will prefer a different experience intermittently as well.  So he changed his perspective of managing events, and created a new approach which he calls "Dancefloor Dynamics".

This new approach is taught to all of Divinity DJs.

Playing music is easy.  But it doesn't create an experience.  If it did then DJ's would have replaced by Jukeboxes many years ago.

Knowing what to play is hard.  Knowing how to play it is even harder.  Divinity has the knowledge to do both.

To bring people together.  

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